America's journey

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Sites of interest

Ann Bridges official website - Friend, editor and mentor, Ann Bridges is a pearl in the literary world. She's a talented author in her own right, and her editing/marketing services to other authors are top notch. She's also one of the few people around trying to bring attention to America's Rare Earth Elements vulnerability.

Mark Steyn's official website - Steyn is the H.L. Mencken of our time: a brilliant satirist with a razor sharp mind who uses his biting wit to to expose the emptiness of leftist twaddle. Perhaps the most accomplished Canadian of our time? (Apologies to Wayne Gretzky). - If Steyn is today's Mencken, then James (don't call me Jim) Lileks is today's Will Rogers: a down-home, brilliant observer of the human condition whose dry wit both charms and enlightens. His voluminous web-site is a treasure trove of marvels guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

xkcd - Physicist Randall Munroe's webcomic is the natural successor to Gary Larson's classic The Far Side. I don't think that Munroe's politics and mine often align, but his love of and ability to create geek humor crosses all ideological lines among those of us in the nerd-set.

Novak Fellowship Program - The Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship program provides a kick-start for (mostly) young journalists seeking to break out from the mold of today's politically-correct reporting model. I am a Novak Fellow (2002) and very much admire all the good the program has accomplished.

Free Republic - The leading on-line conservative/libertarian community. No place better to explore the diversity of opinion and ideas among the grass-roots right.

Old Friends

Threedonia - So it's where I used to blog, until my head exploded and I quit the interwebs almost entirely, but it's a great hangout with a lot of really smart and funny people. Check it out!

Examiner Publications - The mighty Examiner is home to west suburban Chicago local news, and my weekly rants.

The Heartland Institute - Good people making a difference, and not getting paid by oil companies or the Koch brothers!

And now for something completely different...


The Daily Kos - Why refer you to one of the most liberal of discussion forums on the web? Because unless one digests and understands the ideology of the left, one can hardly fairly weigh it against conservative and libertarian thinking.